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Quickbooks Pro 2011 -

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Quickbooks Pro 2011

Everyday tasks just got more efficient. Easy to set up, learn and use, QuickBooks Pro may speedily coordinate your business finances and show you precisely where you stand. Instantly develop invoices, track payments, manage expenses, and access information.

Manage your business better on a PC, coordinate your finances all in one place, and invent instant reports on sales, expenditures and earnings with QuickBooks Pro.

Single-User License

This license allows you to install QuickBooks Pro 2011 for a single user. A three-user license is likewise available.

QuickBooks  Pro  User  Setup
Easy to set up, easy to learn to use.
Quickbooks Pro 2011

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Quickbooks Pro 2011

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Quickbooks Pro 2011

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Quickbooks Pro 2011

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Most helpful customer reviews

483 of 490 people found the following review helpful.
4Very Good Software but be very carfull when dealing with Intuit
By J. V. Houten
As a consultant to small business I have promoted Quick books for the past 14 years.

Overall the software is excellent and it does an excellent job of tracking your business finances.

The original cost of the program is very inexpensive, even if you upgrade every year you will spend less then $200/year.( I recommend upgrading every 2nd or 3rd year )

Even though Intuit charges extra for Add On services (such as support, payroll, off site backup, etc) these are still reasonable priced for the service you get. In the end you should only be paying for the services you need. ( While there are cheaper alternatives for many of Intuit’s services, in some cases it may be worthwhile to do it all through Intuit.)


be very careful when dealing with Intuit.

Today I tried to reorder checks. It took almost 30min on the phone, and in the end the sales rep signed me up for 2 additional services that I had specifically told him I wasn’t interest in.

It took me over an hour to cancel those services. (3 phone calls)

I continually have problems when dealing with Intuit’s customer support(not Tech support). While eventually they correct the problems, it always seams to take a while. I usually do something like clean out my email while I am waiting on hold to be transferred to the person that can fix the problem.

When dealing with Intuit always double check your order, and double check what intuit is charging you.

I recently found that Intuit had been charging a client for 2 payroll subscriptions each year(Even though they were both for the same tax ID number and one subscription hadn’t had any activity for 3 years).

Be patience and very clear on the phone. The will continually try to up sell you services.

Also I would not recommended that you buy any supplies from Intuit, they are expensive and the pressure to add on services is very annoying.

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1Go ahead and upgrade if you don’t mind being forced to pay more $$$ each month
By SoVo
The latest version of QB has now completely taken away your ability to attach documents you’ve stored on your own computer. Instead, you have to pay for their “service” (something always subject to the whims of the powers that be at Intuit) and pay for their Document Attachment Service (starting at $9.95/month for one attachment per item). Oh, you can still host the stuff on your servers, it’s just that QB’s charges you to actually access it. There are 3rd party software programs that will do the same thing, but they run around $200 a piece.

Manual payroll is still available- but I guarantee you will spend a couple of hours looking for the RIGHT set of instructions to set it up. Even the tech support didn’t know how to do it in this version.

There are still compatability issues with Windows 7 64 bit. I ended up with the blue screen of death for a while. Program shuts down unexpectedly.

The ads for the paid services are intrusive and nearly impossible to avoid. The planned obselence of 3 years (you won’t be able to download your bank/credit card items any more) is another form of Intuit’s greed mentality. All in all, it’s time to start migrating away from QB. And that’s a shame, since I’ve used it successfully for nearly a decade.

333 of 345 people found the following review helpful.
1Stupid business model, mediocre product
By Mike.M
I was happily using my 2007 quickbooks pro and then all of a sudden I am no longer able to download my bank statements. Why? Because intuit is stupid.

All I can say is that intuit deserves nothing more than an entire customer group that does everything in their power to minimize intuit’s profit margin and maximizes their bad press. Each year amazon reviews contain the same fundamental issue.. That intuit does everything they can to force upgrades, charge for basic items that they lead the consumer to believe is included for free, and generally rely on the fact that no real competitor exists.

It amazes me that my distaste for microsoft in the windows 98 era is now realigned to the point that intuit makes microsoft look like apple.

In 2010 windows me still lets you use a mouse

In 2010 windows 98 still lets you email

In 2010 windows 95 still lets you connect to the internet

In 2010 office 2000 still lets you use the numbers on the top of the keyboard.


Why is it that..

In 2010 quickbooks 2007 no longer emails?

In 2010 quickbooks 2007 no longer lets bank downloads go into the program?

Intuit deserves to have a competing software company receive a large amount of funding from some investors and put out a product that does a good job for a fair price, and guarantees it will never turn off your ability to do simple tasks and will entice people to upgrade because the upgraded version has better features.

That is what I call a respectable business model. The exact opposite of intuit.

Intuit, You Suck and so does the fact that I just had to pay $180 for nothing but the ability to turn my 2007′s email and download features back on.

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